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Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is the leading steel structure manufacturing factory in China established in the year 1996. After more than 20 years of steady development, it has become a high-tech, diversified, outgoing and international company integrating steel structure fabrication,R&D, production, ins...

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Product DescriptionSteel Structure Workshop, Prefabricated Steel Structure Building:1. Light weight, high strength, 50years durable use, no construction waste.2. Quality certification ISO: 9001: 20...
The current aircraft hangars made of steel structures. It is due to the many advantages of steel structure aircraft hangar. Although it said that the construction cost of the steel structure hangar...
On Jan.2th, the Mauritius warehouse   project, which was built by Xinguangzheng Group, was held a ceremony at the construction site. This project has a construction area of 20,000 square meters.Ste...
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Prefabricated modular buildings refers to the transfer of a large amount of on-site work in the traditional construction method to the factory, processing and manufacturing of building components ...
    Steel structure workshop mainly refers to that the main load-bearing components are composed of steel. Including steel pillars, steel beams, steel structure foundation, steel roof truss (of co...
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Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd. Contacts : Kim Yang Address : No.268 Shenzhen Road, Pingdu, Qingdao, China M -Phone: +86 15966868228 Whatsapp: +86 15966868228 E - mail : kim@qdxgz.cn

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