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Why are the Aircraft Hangars Constructed with Steel Structure?

The current aircraft hangars made of steel structures. It is due to the many advantages of steel structure aircraft hangar. Although it said that the construction cost of the steel structure hangar building is high, it is relatively expensive. After careful consideration, the steel aircraft hangar building is a very excellent choice.

The advantage of Steel structure aircraft hangar

steel structure aircraft hangar

1. The assembly period of steel structure aircraft hangar is short.

After completing all the detailed design of the whole structure, it can finish in a short time once the foundation is ready. It is because all fastener holes are pre-perforated or pre-drilled.

2. Steel Structure Aircraft Hangar can save insurance costs.

Insurance companies usually give lower insurance premiums for steel structure construction than other materials.

steel structure aircraft hangar

3.Resistance to strong winds and snow.

The general design wind load of the steel structure roof can reach 270km/h, and the entire structure is resistant to bending. Steel structure hangar building is also resistant to heavy snow because of the steel structure designed to resist snow loads according to the local climate. These characteristics are essential for the safety of hangars.

4.Anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and insect-proof.

The steel usually used in the aircraft hangar is plated with aluminum or other protective metal to prevent corrosion. Iron is an inorganic material and does not grow mildew. And insects or animals cannot damage the steel.

5.Excellent anti-seismic performance.

Especially in earthquake-stricken areas,   must construct of steel structures. Also, the airport is a public Class A building, and it is necessary to resume operation immediately after the disaster. The steel structure is more earthquake-resistant and safer.

steel structure aircraft hangar

6. The space span is vast.

There is no middle pillar to interrupt the space, which is very suitable for parking air

7. The maintenance cost is low.

You only need to check every year for loose or missing fasteners or add sealant around new fasteners and openings.

8. The appearance color can be changed freely.

For different use purposes, you can choose different appearance colors, and even blend into the surrounding background. It also gives the designers more inspiration.

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