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Feed Mill Steel Structure Building In Tanzania

Feed Mill Steel Structure Building In Tanzania

fabricate feed mill steel building in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The entire project has six floors. The total height of the building is 31.5 meters. Each level is equipped with heavy equipment and weighs more than one ton. This building is a large steel structure building. This kind of steel structure building requires the large cross-sections of columns and beams. We use a high strength steel structure. It bears the load of the heavy equipment.

Mill Steel Building In Tanzania

Description of Mill Steel Building In Tanzania

The steel columns used in this project are box-shaped, and the steel beams made of H-shaped steel. Since the height of the entire building exceeds 30 meters, and the length of each segment is less than 12 meters, the steel columns are required to weld on site. The steel beam is H-shaped steel, and the steel beam and steel column bolted. Each floor platform beam designed with a primary beam and secondary beam, which to ensures the stability and solidity of the entire floor. The galvanized metal deck laid on each floor, and concrete poured on-site.

The Advantage of Mill Steel Building In Tanzania

The construction of the steel structure building is fast compared with concrete structure, the entire metal building delivered in advance. The owner can bring it into use in advance and start production, which improves the economic efficiency of the whole project.

Mill Steel Building In Tanzania

Compared with the concrete structure, the steel structure building has excellent earthquake resistance, and the steel structure has good flexibility, which can offset the energy consumption of the seismic wave. Steel is an anisotropic material. It has high tensile strength, compression resistance, and shear strength, and it has excellent flexibility. In particular, steel structures with their unique high flexibility reduce the seismic response. The metal structure also regarded as a relatively ideal elastoplastic structure, which can absorb and consume seismic input energy through the plastic deformation of the structure. It has a higher ability to resist strong earthquakes. Compared with other structures, steel structure buildings are lighter in weight, which also dramatically reduces the effects of earthquakes. In addition to high seismic performance of steel structure building, it even short construction cycles, and industrialization

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