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Steel structure broiler chicken farm for 15000 birds

Steel structure broiler chicken farm for 15000 birds

  Poultry is housed for comfort protection, efficient production and convenience of the poultry man. Poultry house is easy to manage and the market is on your doorstep. A well managed chicken house is very profitable.

  Chicken House composed of :

  1) Main feeding system

  2) Feed pan system

  3) Nipple drinking system

  4) Ventilaion system

  5) Curtain for cooling pad

  5) Environmental control system

  6) Lighting system

  6) Spraying system

  1.Main feeding system

  This system delivers feed from the silo to the hopper in the poultry house. There is one feed sensor at the end of main feed line which control the motor on and off automatical to release automatic delivery.

  2.Feed pan system

  This system deliver feed automatically through motor under the control of feed sensor,which ensure birds feeding during whole growing period.

  3.Nipple drinking system

  This system can provide fresh and clean water for poultry which is crucial for the growth of poultry.The drinkers can be triggered from 360 degree which helps young birds start well and makes drinking easier.

  4.Ventilation system

  This system controls climate conditions,fresh air,humidity and temperature in poultry shed,it is vital for growing birds.This system include Poultry house fan, Cooling pad,Air inlet window.

  5.Curtain for cooling pad

  6.Environmental control system

  This system saves the labor and the resources under the condition of assuring the optimum growth environment of the chickens. It is imported from Israel can set an optimum working mode according to the local climate and raising environment.

  7.Spraying system

  Essentials of Good Housing:

  Comfort: The best egg production is secured from birds that are comfortable and happy. To be comfortable a house must provide adequate accommodation; be reasonably cool in summer, free-from draft and sufficiently warm during the winter provides adequate supply of fresh air and sunshine; and remain always dry. Given these the hen responds excellently.

  Protection: Includes safeguards against theft and attack from natural enemies of the birds such as the fox, dog, cat kite, crow, snake, etc. The birds also should be protected against external parasites like ticks, lice and mites.

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