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Steel Workshop Building

Steel Workshop Building

Description of Prefab Steel Workshop Building

The entire steel structure workshop building is 140 meters long and 21 + 10 meters wide. Ten meters is a platform extending outward. The 21-meter wide part is a two-layer structure.
The raw materials and finished products are relatively light, so there is no need to design a crane. Only use forklifts to meet internal cargo handling. The steel structure building can be designed with a large span, and there is no column inside, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the prefab workshop building’s internal space.


The Advantage of Prefab Steel Workshop Building

It is an important reason why customers choose to use prefab steel structure workshop building. Compared with reinforced concrete buildings, the utilization rate of steel structure buildings is higher.
Besides, the installation of the steel structure workshop is simple and fast. The owner can design and produce the steel structure workshop at the same time as purchasing the equipment. After the workshop’s installation is completed, the equipment will be arranged and then put into production. Putting into production in advance can obtain higher economic benefits and reduce investment costs.

From the purchase of raw materials to paint, all prefab steel structure workshop components meet industrialization requirements and are carried out in strict accordance with standardization.

After confirming the design drawings, our workshop will produce all components according to the manufacturing drawings, including primary and secondary structures, roof panels, and wall panels. We can provide a full set of accessories to ensure the smooth installation of customers. The steel structure workshop will complete production and delivery as planned to ensure that customers can start production.

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