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Prefab Aircraft Hangar building

Prefab Aircraft Hangar building


This steel structure hangar building used for airplane maintenance workshop,we built for our Austrilia customer in 2010 year,the main materils of this hangar building please see following:

1. Main Structure: Steel Welded H Section

2. Purlin: C Section Steel or Z Section Steel

3. Roof Cladding: Sandwich Panel or Corrugated Steel Sheet with Fiber Glass Wool Coil

4. Wall Cladding: Sandwich Panel or Corrugated Steel Sheet

5. Tie Rod: Circular Steel Tube

6. Brace: Round Bar

7. Column & Transverse Brace: Angle Steel or H Section Steel or Steel Pipe

8. Knee Brace: Angle Steel

9. Wrapping Cover:Color Steel Sheet

10. Wall and Roof insulation: Single colour sheet, Colour sheet with Glass-wool, EPS Sandwich panel

11. Roof Gutter: Color Steel Sheet

12. Rainspout: PVC Pipe

13. Door: Sliding Door, use 50mm EPS Sandwich panel

14. Windows: PVC/Plastic Steel/Aluminum Alloy Window

15. Connecting: High Strength Bolts

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