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Chicken Nipple Drinking System

Chicken Nipple Drinking System

Automatic poultry drinking Line is nipple drinker and can be fitted on each partition. WZH has various options to allow customers to select poultry drinker which is best suitable for customers’ needs. The quantity and location of the nipple drinkers are installed various depending on the size of the poultry cages and the number of the chicken in the poultry cages.

Nipple style watering system had been typically used by professional chicken farmers for many years due to many outstanding reasons. No more poop in water. No spiling and soaking the nesting material so the chickens can get nature gravity fed by fresh, clean water without dieases.

Consist of:

1. Nipples

2. Dirp cup

3. Water pipe

4. Winch

5. Hunging system

6. Water regulator

7. End water outfall system


Nipple Drinker

Components of Nipple Drinker:

(1) Plastic frame (supports stainless nipple drinker and hooks onto tubes)

(2) Stainless nipple drinker

(3) With 360 degree sensitivity, never get rusty, leak and make sure water falling smoothly.

Features of nipple:

1. Drinkers can be triggered from 360 degree which helps young birds start well and makes drinking easier.

2. Provide the right amount of water for their climate and house conditions.

3. The single-arm water receiving cup with a reasonable structure is more suitable for new culture idea

4. Nipple is easy to be dismounted and replaced

5. The service life of the high-quality stainless steel material with optimum anti-corrosion performance can reach more than 10years

Dirp cup


(1) Style: Double/Single Arm

(2) Material : high quality pp/pvc plastic

(3) Color : red , yellow ,orange

Water pipe

We have two kind of water pipe : round pipe which is 25mm in diameter , or square pipe which is 22mm in diameter .

Water regulator


(1) Color: yellow or red

(2) Material : high quality PVC, plastic

(3) Water Regulator is installed at the head or middle of drinking line.

Hanging system

Proper height is very important for healthy growth of bird and the height

is adjustable .


1. Clean water---direct drinking for Chicken from nipple drinker, No spiling and soaking, like the original container style drinker, to make sure chicken can get clean, fresh water, which can avoid some bird diseases.

2. Save labor---connect with PVC pipe or water container, do not need to check the water condition very often, just need to make sure PVC pipe connect with water or the water container have water.

3. Easy for Chicken to use it---Bright red/yellow/orange design, attract to birds or chicken and the nipple drinker dispense a drip of water whenever they are pecked, they can avoid some birds diseases for chicken with playing.

4. Easy to clean for nipple, because of removable parts

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