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H Type Layer Chicken Cages Automatically

H Type Layer Chicken Cages Automatically

The H Frame Layer Cage System set of products adopts hot-dip galvanizing or cold-galvanizing process, long service life, unique cross-opening door design, larger cage door space, and the position of chicken feeding can be changed arbitrarily, effectively solving the problem of crowded and concentrated management of chickens when eating. , saving energy and resources, using advanced ventilation systems, lighting systems and automated control systems to fully save energy, increase labor productivity, and increase the ratio of eggs to eggs.


The H Frame Layer Battery Cage System can be from 3--8 tiers according to customer’s chicken house height . The surface of the system treatment is hot dipped galvanized. it has scientific design and effecient working process, also with solid structure, thorough installation. This system is very popular in close house for large scale poultry farm all over the world.


  1. Simple strucure in linear type, easy in installation and maintation.

  2. The cage system is designed to be very strong to against earth movements.

  3. Environmental control system, to achieve a point of control all.

  4. The cage system is designed to be very strong to against earth movements.

  5. Running in a high automatization and intellectualization and no pollution

  6. Using galvanized material, the machine can be durable for a long time, easy maintenance.

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