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Automatic A-Type Layer Cages

Automatic A-Type Layer Cages

A-Type layer cages square measure factory-made with a bigger cage space, allowing higher stocking density of layers per cage and more room per layer, which might give the best atmosphere for egg laying chickens. as a result of the upper egg production rates of poultry cages for layers wants the comfort and health of the layers.  

Choose a good chicken cage product not only with long years, but also the growth of chicken and egg production to promotion.

Product name: A Type Automatic Layer Chicken Cages

Material:Galvanized wire

Tiers:3/4/ Tiers

Capacity:96/150/160/128 chicken per set




1)Scientific Mechanization   Automation   Intensive Electrification
2)Suitable to different scale of poultry chicken farm,can be customized too.

3)More automatic and efficient, less labor wasting.


  1.Its advantage is increasing egg production to 98%, very easy to handle chicken waste and reduce disease transmission.

  2.Full accessories. Nipple drinking system, Medication tanks, Adjustable foot plates for leveling, Water pipe, Pipe connect, Feeder groove.

  3. The sliding doors are easily operated.

  4.Fully automatic,energy cost saved

  5.Life span is 15-20 years.

  6.Free chicken cage layout design.

  7. Professional team help you build the scientific farm.


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