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HLD5300 Series automatic H type layer chicken cage system

HLD5300 Series automatic H type layer chicken cage system

H Type of layer cages obtain following features:

   1.Full set of equipment adopt hot-dip galvanized material,
     corrosion-resistant,which ensure
the service life of 20-25 years.

     2.Intensive management and automated control.
       Achieve automatic feeding,drinking,manure
cleaning,egg collecting
       and environment control,Which can help owners
        to improve working efficiency and save
labor cost.

Cage net details introduction:

            Cage net use the process of GBQ235 cold drawn steel wire
        welding before hot-dip zinc, has the characteristics of corrosion
         resistance, long service life.

Automatic feeding machine introduction:
Layer chicken cage using sliding type feeding, the feed is transported by lateral transporting device from feed tower to the hopper of automatic feeding machine. The feeding machine runs back and forth, to feed uniform distribution in the trough.The feed quantity can be adjusted. This process is completely according to the preset automatic control program.The feed through is with inner edge, chicken can not throw the feed out when feeding, save the cost of breeding.The fodder-back device is at both end of each feed line, to clean up the residual feed on a regular basis, to prevent the feed deterioration and waste.

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