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Egg Collecting System

Egg Collecting System


●Electric lifting system  

Chain+U shape egg collecting draw.

Strong egg collecting capability.

Simple conveying chain, stable and reliable, easy to maintain.

No changing the egg moving direction, less broken eggs.

Round bar transmission device

Clean the egg will the rod rolling, adjust the egg position.

There is a collecting tray at each layer collecting soft shell egg and dirty stuff.

The egg collecting deflecting device makes sure the egg evenly distributed on the lifting system.

Egg baffling system

Reduce the egg rolling speed from the egg lift to the center collecting position.

●Egg buffering device on two sides of cage

Make sure the egg smoothly roll to the longitudinal egg collecting belt.

Make the humidity of eggs evaporate on the bottom mesh, reduce the possibility that dust and feather get sticky on the shell.

The egg picking time and frequency can be adjusted as per customer requirements.

●High quality PP egg collecting belt (with/ without holes)

Low extending rate quite slight contraction or expansion caused by the temperature changing

Anti-contamination,static electricity and dust resistant.

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