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Manure removing machine

Manure removing machine

Manure removing machine

Manure Removal System with Scraper
Scope: removing manure from manure pits in close or open chicken house.
Components:driving system, scraper, angle pulley, stroke limitation, control panel.

1, special design for A frame Cage System for manure pits
2, lower cost and easily to operate by control panel
3, easily to install and maintain
4, solid structure and durable
The chicken manure makes the material content to be possible to enhance to 90% drying with this kind of systematic help.therefore has created the ideal condition for the chicken manure safe memory or the later sale,some 4-14, because its width is 1.75m,therefore it has the large capacity characteristic.
According to the independent user's request,each excrement conveyor belt dry channel may carry on the design with hen's quantity necessary, thus produces with it excrement quantity matches.A conveyor belt dry channel may process reaches 200,000 chicken's manure.
When starts except the excrement procedure, the fresh excrement transports through the conveyor belt from the chicken coop to the belt dry channel. Once the excrement falls into the belt dry channel, the excrement will be transported directly to the measurement station.
The electronic load sensor measures by the weight to adopt the belt ten dry channel's excrement quantities, thus in the coordinated chicken coop eliminates the excrement conveyor belt and the dry conveyor belt's speed. Through two hand of rotation opposite worm bearing adjuster excrement even horizontal shop on most above dry conveyor belt.
When the excrement arrived at the uppermost layer excrement conveyor belt's terminal, the excrement falls automatically to the next conveyor belt on, continues to transmit, until completes the entire channel's packing. Each has provided the emergency stop, guarantees breaks down when not serious damage.
This equipment may realize the non-hominization management, the automatic fixed time clear excrement, the time willfully establishes; the   manual temporary clear excrement, the simplicity of operator is quick, automatic manual transforms willfully
Blows the excrement board design, the scraper takes in and puts away automatically, board position adjustable, the friction is small, the clear excrement is clean.
380V three-phase power source dynamic output
  The chicken manure makes the material content to be possible to enhance to 90% drying with this kind of systematic help.

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